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Program of Master in Food Engineering

How to apply


In this section you find basic info on application, divided according to the following categories of prospective students


  • Non EU students
  • EU Students or NON EU students resident in Italy


Non EU students                



The candidates should download the Pre-screening Application Form. This form has to be filled, saved in doc/docx format, printed, signed, and scanned into a image file (PDF or JPEG or TIFF).


Send your pre-screening application for the Master in Food Engineering to Prof. Massimo Poletto (mpoletto@unisa.it) and attach the following documents:


1) A copy of the CV;

2) A copy of the certificate of English knowledge;


For each of the degrees given in support of the application:


3) A Pre-screening Application Form in doc/docx format (unsigned);

4) A signed Pre-screening Application Form in PDF, JPEG or TIFF format;

5) A copy of the transcript of records;


You may attach also any other document considered important. No hardcopy documents are required for the pre-screening phase. Pre-screeng application can be sent anytime in the year but, preferably in the period January-April.


Pre-enrolment application

For non-EU citizens (non resident in Italy), each degree programme in Italian Universities provides for an annual share of reserved places. For the International Master in Food Engineering there are 35 places reserved for non-EU citizen (non resident in Italy).

To apply to the pre-enrolment to the degree programme, the candidates who passed the pre-screening step must turn to the Italian Consular Authority in the Country of residence (only on an exceptional basis, applicants can turn to the Italian Consular Authority in a third-party Country, but in this case the Consular Authority may reject the application). The Italian Ministry annually fixes the term for the application but usually it coincides with the end of May. The applicant should contact the Consular Authority their country in time to know the exact terms.

At the Italian Consular Authority, applicants must hand:

  • first cycle degree obtained at any University

or, alternatively,

  • a post-secondary qualification obtained in a non-university Higher Education Institute allowing for the continuation of the university studies in the subsequent level, but provided that the secondary school diploma was attained after at least a 12-year education period;
  • a certificate released by the relevant academic institution - as duly signed by the Consular Authority - assessing the passed exams as well as the detailed programmes and time plan devoted to the teaching and laboratory activities provided for each subject area necessary for the attainment of the degree or certificate presented;
  • two photographs.

The documents not written in Italian language must be handed in the original copy together with the official translation into Italian; the translation is a responsibility of the applicant and must be certified by the relevant Italian Consular Authority.

The translation may also be carried out in Italy by official translators or by the diplomatic representative operating in Italy of the Country where the document has been released.
Translations of the "programmes of the university exams" passed, if these are written in English, French, German, Spanish, are not required.

The official language of the International Master in Food Engineering of University of Salerno being English, the applicants do not need to provide any Italian language certificate. English knowledge is one of the mandatory requirements and must be proven in the Curriculum Vitae of the applicants or in the academic records. The minimum knowledge of English to be proven for enrollment at Master Degree in Food Engineering at the University of Salerno is reported in the downloadable table. Students who are able to prove that have already completed a former academic degree course (bachelor or master) officially taught in English do not need to provide further certification.


At the Italian Consular Authority, applicants must require:

  • the authentication and translation of the first cycle degree certificate (both procedures must be carried out by the Italian Consular Authority in the Country which the school/university/institute releasing the certificate belongs to);
  • the declaration of the legal value for the degree certificate (both procedures must be carried out by the Italian Consular Authority in the Country which the school/university/institute releasing the certificate belongs to);
  • the authentication of one of the two photographs.


To speed up document handover, in agreement with the Italian Consular Authority, applicants to the Master Programme in Food Engineering may fill the downloadable application form and send it with all the documents prepared to the following address:


Prof. Massimo Poletto

Chairman of Degree Programme Board of Chemical and Food Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering

University of Salerno

Via Giovanni Paolo II, 123

I-84084 Fisciano (SA)



Assessment of the degree qualification

The documentation handed in by the applicant does not allow for a direct access/admission to the second-cycle degree programme, as the University must also assess if the degree/diploma/certificate owned by the applicant can qualify for the application.

At the University of Salerno the assessment of the degree qualification is assigned to the relevant Degree Programme Board, which applies the same criteria (curricular requisites and evaluation of the personal preparation) provided for the holders of the equivalent Italian academic degree.

For applicants having a foreign degree/diploma/certificate, the assessment of the curricular requisites shall include the evaluation of the programmes of the exams passed abroad, which have been attached to the pre-enrolment application.



Applicants with non EUR-ACE certified bachelor degrees have to prove to effectively possess the admission requisites reported in the documentation. On this purpose candidates will have to pass, before enrollment, an interview examination to be held in person upon their arrival in Italy or in teleconference from their originating country, before their arrival. In order to correctly verify the identity of the candidates, in this latter case, they should be able provide a satisfactory video connection.


Arrival in Italy

Once the Degree Programme Board at the University of Salerno has assessed the qualification of the degree, the applicant will receive a formal offer letter, to be handed at the relevant Italian Consular Authority in order to request a valid VISA for studying in Italy.

Within 8 days upon his/her arrival to Italy, the admitted student must apply for a stay permit for study reasons at one of the authorized Italian postal offices.



Student will be assisted for the enrolment procedure and the first payment of fees and taxes



EU Students or NON EU students resident in Italy                  


Enrolments are open in the period August-September (prior to the beginning of the lectures in mid of September) with an extension up to the end of February (subject to the payment of an extra fee) which allow to start the attendance of courses at the second semester.


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